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We welcome anybody, organisation or businesses who like to advertise their company or businesses with small sponsorship towards our journey. We will travel throughout 40 country and will stop along the journey with some plan charity work.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Our Dream

We had these dream since long time ago. We talk about it, dream about it, than we forget until the time come when we start to talk about it again. Last week, on the way back home this topic about mad travelling come up again. For some reason, I felt a strong eagerness in me to wake up and face another challenge in our journey as a family of six.

When we first talk about this long time ago, kids were still small. Now they are at the age of growing up, which mean they can help around a lots and travelling with them will be enjoying and fun. Not that I did not enjoy travelling when they small. We had travel a lots and more than now, when kids are small. But of course the burden and challenge is different.

The different now is, even though they are growing up and at the time which are pretty much suitable for them to face the challenge and learn the real life challenge, still we are now facing the time where we had to confront them on every decision we made towards dream like this. They are many question come up from them of course. Among those question is how are we going to be able to travel? How are we going to be able financially? How long the journey going to take? All sort of question which even me and my dear husband will not be able to answer fully yet.

Unfortunately among the family, we all had many different way of thinking but we all love travel, adventure and challenge. We all had our weakness which will be cover up by the strength among ourselves. For example, my dear husband, Jamal is excellent in planning and organising. Myself I could say hate planning but I had very high motivation and love the challenge and always try hard to make things happen.

Sabeera, our first daughter age 15 had this similar attitude with me. She'svery quick in doing things, love organising her own things (not sure if her dad will agree with this). Yes, I repeat again love organising her own things! Also love challenge. She can jump into things in emergency situation and take over some of the my role and the part I am doing. She also good in blog, website, research through internet and love outdoor adventure.

Our second kids , Syameem love taking video. He will be taking responsibility in recording through out our journey. Like all our other kids, he also love documentary, animal and outdoor knowledge. He starting to get himself into hands on job more and will be one of the man in the journey to help my dear husband.

Sumrah age 11 is our third child who love cooking. She will be main source to help me with preparing and serving food. She good in small detail and more patient in doing things unlike her sister.

Last, our youngest Seif age 8 will be source in helping around. He also love planning ahead and can stay focus if been give a role. Like all our kids, he also love travel and adventure. All my kids love 'Born of Survival' documentary like crazy. They love learning about other culture, knowing about the story around the world and on top of all, as they are homeschool, me and my dear husband wanted to give our kids the opportunity to open up to the world in front of them.

Me as their main source and organiser for our homeschool will start looking at planning out curriculum which will link out with the country and places that we will travel through and stop by. We are also planning for a charity project to be done in certain places and getting kids involve into the project.

It is me and my dear husband dream. Although kids are not too excited much about it as they cannot see much yet what lay in front of it. But, I know that they will soon appreciate our dream once we start to travel. It will be the most challenge for our daily routine. The mean of transportation which will also be our home for couple of months along the journey, will somehow create a tension and patient. It won't be as big as four bedroom detached house we live at the moment. It will be just to fit and cramp us in!! Ouch!! Honestly all my comfy rest and sleep. But, no pain no gain. I believe this will be a better university and learning experience my kids and even both of us husband and wife will get!