Welcome to our travel blog. We just an ordinary mad family of 6. A husband who love to travel, a wife who love a challenge and four kids who think they are 'born of survival' ! We are originally from Malaysia and now residing in the UK. We are planning to travel back to Malaysia in July 2013 by road. What an adventure dream! We will share throughout our preparation and planning with the hope that our dream will become true.

We welcome anybody, organisation or businesses who like to advertise their company or businesses with small sponsorship towards our journey. We will travel throughout 40 country and will stop along the journey with some plan charity work.

We also welcome any collaboration project for the purpose of scientific research related to satellite, telecommunication, environment, automotive etc.

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Monday, 2 January 2012

The Plan Route

The Planned

The original planned is to start the journey July 2013. But, as far as I concern it might possibly contrast with kids education plan. It seems that this year is the only year that we need to just get on with it, if we really want for this dream to come true. This is one of the challenge. As the kids are growing, the decision is not depends on parents only, neither the kids only. Every single decision made, will have to consider long term journey which each of the family member will have to go through. Although the final decision is not ours, but still we will try our best to lay out the plan and take one step at the time to see if it's possible.

After some quick chat, I told dear husband that if not possible, we will have to start the journey as earliest as July 2012. If next year, 2013, it will be pretty much disturb many of education I had planned for the children. There are things that we can be flexible, but there are things that we cannot. Therefore this year is a best year to try to fulfil this crazy dream.

BUT, of course time will be very constrain. It will be too much pressure on our shoulder to try to squeeze the plan forward. My eldest daughter will be taking her IGCSE on June. She will be pretty much need to concentrate on her exam. I will have to be a big supporter along her side. As if we planned to start the travel from July, it will be about six months left for us to figure out everything. Mind you, not just the travel plan, but also our belonging! I just got headache by just thinking about it!! But, this is one of the biggest challenge.